Test Consulting

22 September 2021 | Grosvenor House


Test Consulting

TEST Consulting supports businesses in a rapidly changing energy and environmental market. Driven by the need to reduce consumption and environmental impact, TEST helps companies become more than just compliant; it delivers proactive, tangible measures to meet lasting strategic energy goals. This develops businesses into sustainable, strategic and socially conscious organisations through the provision of dynamic overarching energy management strategies, compliance and reduction techniques.

“Along with supporting businesses in the implementation of internationally recognised standards, TEST advises on the necessary approaches to deliver outstanding results; which then feed into an optimised energy strategy. This experience and expertise help drive not only a culture of excellence but behavioural change too – from the boardroom to the shop floor – leaving a lasting progressive transformation in how energy management is approached and delivered. This in turn leads to unequivocal financial savings and system performance, growing and supporting organisations’ core beliefs around sustainability, the environment and social responsibility.

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